Stress test on Cloudflare?

I have a website on Cloudflare and I currently have a free account. Is it possible to stress test on Cloudflare?

May I ask in which terms? May I ask would this be a DDoS test attack simulation or rather “normal traffic” generated by some tool like ab (ApacheBench) etc.?:

Like sending HTTP(S) traffic to your website while using proxy mode :orange: to “stress test” while your website is being hit or under some specific load? :thinking:

If so, may I share a post from my colleague @M4rt1n:

Or rather DDoS as a “stress test”? :thinking:
If this, then kindly see the requirements from the link below:

Nevermind, I believe in both terms Cloudflare will handle it, but still only the question remains what do you have for a website and how well is it being optimized including the origin host/server :wink:


Thank you all.

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