Streamline domain deployment

I’ve decided to start transferring some domains over to Cloudflare and register new domains with Cloudflare going forward. I have two questions:

  1. It appears that if you register a domain with Cloudflare then you must use CF to handle your DNS? In other words, CF can not function as simply a registrar where you can use third party nameservers for your domain. You must always manage your DNS from CF if your domain is registered via CF. Is this correct?

  2. Is there any way to streamline the process of purchasing a domain on CF? Typically I would purchase a domain, enter my servers nameservers during registration, then all DNS entries are made automatically when the domain is added in cPanel. In this case, I register a domain with CF, then I have to manually create each DNS entry. It’s very tedious. Is there some way to streamline this?

  1. That is correct. See Section 6.1 of the Domain Registration Agreement.

  2. The Cloudflare API might be of use to you for DNS deployment. Terraform might also be a fitting deployment tool. There appears to be a small set of registrar functionality in the API, too, but it doesn’t appear to incorporate registration.

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Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Terraform! This was exactly what I needed. Now I have a script I can run that adds all of the default DNS entries I need and also sets all of the default settings I need. This will save me a ton of time!


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