Dear Cloudflare

I’ve been a user of streamlare video hosting web-site that is very unstable in which host is uncontactable understanding that cloudflare provides network to be able to host video from end users via a domain.

Current issues with streamlare is that account balance is registering views and recent uploaded files are not being able to be streamed.

Thanks for your support in this matter.

The Cloudflare Community can only assist you with issues related to Cloudflare’s products and services. For issues with Streamlare, you need to contact their support team directly.


Thanks for your response Cloonan,

Any contact details to be able to contact Streamlare team as Cloudflare does provide the network?

Thanks for your time.


I guess you could try to contact Streamlare’s support team by visiting their website and searching for their contact information and/or submitting a support request there. I am uncertain as to their preferred contact method.