Streaming videos in browser not muted

Our APP streams videos using the player you provide opening that player inside web browser
however browser by default play videos muted
Is there a way to program that player to Stream/play video with sound ON
most of our users are not savvy Please Help


Are you saying that you want to override the browser’s decision to mute videos when they open?

What I want is to open videos in browser and play with sound ON

Browser default is to mute all videos

Any thought ??


There’s probably a reason for that, and I’d hope that no site I’d ever visit was able to override that.

I can only suggest that the page your video is on have some sort of reminder about un-muting, and maybe even a link to instructions if you can’t describe the process succinctly.

Yes I could not agree more

But in this case it is for therapists to run specific videos and to have a another function there is always a challenge

Thank you for effort to help

So hard to come by


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@user6340 these are limitations that browsers each have their own policies around, and cannot be worked around.

Safari will not autoplay a video unmuted, period.
Firefox will only autoplay a video unmuted if the user has interacted with the page before the video attempts to autoplay.
Chrome will only autoplay a video unmuted if the user has manually clicked play on a video hosted on the same domain before.

MDN has an extensive guide here

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Thank you