Streaming Video Player JS Conflict

Hi, I was excited to try out the video streaming functionality, but it appears that there may be a few methods that conflict with some other JS libraries my site uses.


It appears that your js also creates some type of Date object that with different methods… (console output below).

Do you have any suggestions or am i just out of luck if i want to use these together?

r4xu.fla9.latest.js:7 TypeError: format.replace is not a function
at Date.toString (date.js:40)
at Function.n.(/anonymous function) [as generateUniqueId] (
at new C (r4xu.fla9.latest.js:7)
at D.(:/anonymous function).(anonymous function) [as getInstance] (
at U (r4xu.fla9.latest.js:7)
at r4xu.fla9.latest.js:7
at new Promise ()
at Z (r4xu.fla9.latest.js:7)
at t.(:anonymous function).(anonymous function) [as setup] (
at C.(anonymous function).(anonymous function) [as setup] (