Streaming playback on Cloudflare is not working (CORS is not enabled)

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to test video streaming on Cloudflare’s website but it doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

These are the two places I’m having issues with:

Dev documentation:

And same kind of error when playing back vidoes I’ve uploaded under ‘Stream’ tab

Both errors complain about CORS not being enabled.

Is this a known bug in Cloudflare? or is there something I have misconfigured?

Works for me, can you try in an incognito window/private window/different browser? Chances are some extension is blocking it from loading.

I’ve tried private / incognito on Chrome (Version 70.0.3538.102) and Firefox (63.0.3) but still doesn’t work.

What’s funny is that it works on my Chrome browser on android…

I have found the issue. was being (silently) blocked by ESET on my machine.

I’ve added this address to allowed address and it is working now