Streaming over a Cloudflare tunnel

Hey there!

I’m pretty confused, and would love if someone could clear this up!

Up until recently, I understand that using a Cloudflare tunnel to transfer media (such as Plex, etc.) was against section 2.8 of their ToS.

However, 2.8 has since been removed, with the following blog post providing more information:

This post just seems to confuse matters more, rather than resolve the issues (I looked on Reddit, where everyone had taken completely different meanings from the post).

Would someone be able to clarify if it is now allowed to use Cloudflare Tunnels to connect to Plex?

Thanks in advance.


6 months later and still cant find a clear answer for this, anyone have updated advice? thank you

This Paragraph from the blog should answer your question.

To address the problem, we’ve done a few things. First, we moved the content-based restriction concept to a new CDN-specific section in our Service-Specific Terms. We want to be clear that this restriction only applies to use of our CDN. Next, we got rid of the antiquated HTML vs. non-HTML construct, which was far too broad. Finally, we made it clear that customers can serve video and other large files using the CDN so long as that content is hosted by a Cloudflare service like Stream, Images, or R2. This will allow customers to confidently innovate on our Developer Platform while leveraging the speed, security, and reliability of our CDN. Video and large files hosted outside of Cloudflare will still be restricted on our CDN, but we think that our service features, generous free tier, and competitive pricing (including zero egress fees on R2) make for a compelling package for developers that want to access the reach and performance of our network.

There is also this thread on reddit if you want more info.