Streaming Media and Proxied DNS

Hi folks,

I wanted to ask about my setup and whether it would violate CF TOS.

I have a DNS record that gets updated automatically with my home IP address. I have this record proxied (orange cloud).

I then have a DNS record for my streaming service and a DNS record for my reverse proxy - both grey-clouded. points to where the reverse proxy is proxying to

Would that setup (mostly the proxied '` violate the CF TOS where it says that streaming is not allowed?

If so, is there any other way to do this while still having my home IP hidden?


It does not really matter what permutation of DNS records in various states of :grey: vs :orange: you use. If you are delivering streaming media through the Cloudflare network it’s a TOS violation and likely to get your account restricted in some way.

Cloudflare offer various services which can deliver streaming media, such as Cloudflare Stream.

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