Stream with End to End Encryption

Now that cloudflare stream supports creator uploads, one of the use cases left for my app would be end to end encrypted streams, for things such as private and confidential videos.

However I’d imagine this would make on the fly encoding impossible, and any pre-encoding would have to be done on one of the privileged clients then distributed.

So considering instead using cloudflare stream for public one-to-many videos, and an alternative solution for private videos.

You’re right that end to end encryption would remove most of the upside of Stream: we’d end up just being a storage provider for an encrypted file, in which case you might be better off simply using a storage solution.

Would you be able to share your specific use case that necessitates end to end encryption? Feel free to DM me or email me (zaid at cloudflare dot com). While we have no plans to support this at the moment, we are always curious to learn more about the underlying use cases in case we see an opportunity in the future.