Stream views / minutes inflated for one video


We pulled our analytics for our videos from Cloudflare stream, and noticed that one of our videos had vastly higher numbers in terms of views and minutes viewed compared to all the others. We know that the month was busier than normal, but in a single hour there was nearly 1000 minutes delivered, and over a day nearly 11K minutes + 10K views. Normally - we don’t expect more than 100-200 views per video tops, and this video would not have been in demand during that time period (March 8th → March 10th, 2023). However, the geo-location of the views appears accurate for the users that would view it.

Were there any on-going issues with the stream analytics during this time that could cause views to be attributed improperly here? We’re not using the stream client so we’re pulling the analytics from the GQL analytics API using the streamMinutesViewedAdaptiveGroups under our account ID for that date range.

Would be happy to send the direct video id’s and account info to further troubleshoot. We’ve previously relied on the GQL analytics for reporting to our vendor partners and it’s always seemed accurate.

Please advise.

Did you actually got an answer from the Cloudflare team? I’m considering Stream, but I notice a lot of “crickets” here in this community.

@kasperkamperman - Nope, nothing useful anyway. I signed up for premium support to get an answer, and even then, there was no real explanation.

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Thanks for your quick reply. Think I’ll with some other service then.

Sorry for the poor support experience. Can you DM me your ticket ID or email me (zaid at cloudflare)?