Stream Videos in iframe are now getting focus / scrolling page

This could be my stupidity, and if so I apologise now, but the CF Stream videos I am hosting within an iFrame on my website now appear to be taking the page focus and therefore scrolling down the page.

Here is a test page with a Stream video

(This is just iframe/SRC and style=“border: none;” height=“720” width=“1280” allow=“accelerometer; gyroscope; autoplay; encrypted-media; picture-in-picture;” allowfullscreen=“true”)

Here is another test page when using Youtube

I am sure it was not doing this previously. Could something have changed?

All help appreciated.


@s.harrop We did begin rolling out a new version of the player yesterday, and this appears to be an issue with it. We’re working on a fix, and hope to have it deployed soon. Thank you for reporting!


@s.harrop the fix has been deployed. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sorting so quickly :slight_smile:

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