Stream videos crashing

I’ve been having some problems in the past couple of weeks with crashes of stream videos that are embeded in my web site. If they crash, generally I also find that if I use the player link to the stand alone Cloudflare player that there are playback issues on the video as well.

It’s something that seems to resolve itself after a period of time, but i’d prefer it to not be happening at all. If I click refresh, then sometimes the videos will play properly again, but others will simply show a black screen and only play the audio.

I have around 100 different videos uploaded to Cloudflare at the moment and it affects them randomly, so it’s not localised to a particular clip.

This is an image of what it looks like when it crashes. I’m using the latest stable Chrome build Version 72.0.3626.119 (Official Build) (64-bit). It just happened again about an hour ago, so thought I’d post to see if anyone can shed some light.