Stream Videos are not available in HD?

I found a similar topic to my question but it dates to 2018 so I thought a new one would be worthwhile.

Just trialling Stream and checking out my first upload it appears it will not play in it’s original resolution?

Video is 1280x720

But the best I seem to get is 640x480?

Which can’t be right surely?

It is even like that when I go full screen on a 4K monitor and decent graphics card. The best I get is just 480 :frowning:

Any idea what is happening/going wrong?

The docs say you can go up to 1080 and I’m not anywhere near that and already running into problems.

Thanks for any help you can give!

Could it be your internet connection speed? It could also be that you’re trying to view before the entire encoding step is completed (perhaps you just finished uploading the video?)

If the problem persists over time and across devices, I suggest emailing the support team with the video ID, and folks would be happy help out.