Stream Video Social Post Metadata Changes to my domains

Sadly I am not a coder so I am more than a bit lost on Stream meta data and watermark instructions.

I have been using Stream on my Wordpress sites for a long time.

Now I want to see what can be done with video upload video links to social media.

When I post something it comes up with title “Stream” and the web link as

It will play, but without the title I’d like and the link back to my creator site. or other domain link reference.

I noticed some api instructions to set a watermark image for my videos and I assume things like that.

I cannot find a place to put anything else in a field for the video that would be used.

There is a “creator field” and I set that to my website, but it does not do anything except show up in json embed like code.

Appreciate a link to a primer for a non-api-coder so I can use some steps to enter meta data for the videos, if that is possible.