Stream video player - change to my own URL in “Copy ID and Report Abuse”


How to add my own URL+ website in “Copy ID and Report Abuse” in the the context player menu. Currently it goes to:

I need to change from to–>

Thank you.

This forum is dead; support for stream (that is not free ) is non-existent… better to start to look elsewhere to change the streaming service with some company that offers a real support service.

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Unfortunately we don’t let customize the “report abuse” URL in the Stream Player, however, you can use the .mpd (MPEG-DASH) and .m3u8 (HLS) URLs provided in the video page and use a custom player. With a custom player, you can customize exactly what buttons to display and where those buttons will link users.

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Thanks for your answer.

What custom player you are recommending to me ?


There are so many to choose from! Check out my answer here to a relevant question:

One last question.

What is the base you build your player ? video.js, dash.js

Somewhere you might have yourself used an open-source player as a base for Cloudflare stream player

I cant’ do a proper development of a custom player for myself from your player API
if I cannot see the code source of the original player you used.

Thank you.

Video.js, DASH.js etc are all perfectly good options to continue with. You can input the .m3u8 or .mpd URLs in a open source player of your choice and get a player that you can customize instead of using the Stream Player.

HLS and DASH URLs allow you to use your own customer player without the use of the Stream Player. For example, Stream Player itself uses DASH URLs (.mpd) to playback videos.

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