Stream video direct link

hi, i wanted to use cloudflare to stream a video on my website as a background (in elementor) but i just find html codes to implement a whole player. how i can implement the video DIRECTLY? (that is the only usecase i have why i am here so i hope this works)

I suppose you could enable .mp4 downloads, then use that link:

Though it sounds like R2 might be better suited for this, since it sounds like you want Cloudflare to host your video file.

Thank you for your Reply!

It seem like i have to use this “r2” but here the problem is the maximum file size… I doesnt can program and so i dont know how to use this API thing… (For an no programmer it is really difficult to understand)

I need to stream an 4k Video and Youtube doesnt work, because of the DSGVO in europe. (If i link from youtube than the Video doesnt can be played in the background of the Website without accepting that the Data is going to the US on click before loading)

I just want a good looking Video (so i extra made a good Video) and want this on the Website, but i doesnt thought this would be SO complicated.

Do you have another possible Solution or are there people that can upload my (just 2) Videos??