Stream tus got 502 error

I used TUS to upload larger video to cloudflare stream…

upload file with direct_user = true through TUS.

I have configured TUS upload POST request in my backend server, and then return a one time url from Location in response header.{media_id}?tusv2=true

I have sent POST request with above url, and got 200 response, and then sent HEAD request, but got 502 error…

meanwhile, I tried HEAD requset in postman got 200 response…

Does anyone could help me with this issue?

thanks a lot!

From the following post’s responses, it sounds like you’re using the wrong endpoint:

that is different, I followed zaid response, and tried direct upload with tus.

it work well in postman, but always got 502 error in my mobile app(Flutter)

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Which library are you using to implement tus on client side in your Flutter app?

I am using tus_client to implement tus upload.

But it could work well in NOT direct creator upload.

I have no idea about this issue, because it carries same header except Authorization token…

Does your endpoint work in this tus codepen demo ( if you paste your endpoint in the “Upload endpoint” inputbox?

tried result:
POST request → 201 CREATED
but Refused to get unsafe header “Location”

however, it could resolve Location header(same URLreturned from configured backend server) correctly in my Flutter app

Would it be possible for you to share your endpoint link privately? My email is zaid at

I’ve sent the endpoint to your email.

thanks a lot!