Stream: total size limit of all videos ? pricing?

I have 20TB videos that i need to stream for an business web app, and i didn’t find information about total limits in cloudflare documentation. I am not a cloudflare user yet, though, so i might have overlooked something.

Check the FAQ here:

You have 0.5TB per week upload limit, which can be increased by asking you account manager or support. The pricing is based on total minutes stored and total minutes viewed, so you should factor that into your decision.

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Thank you for your quick answer.
I understand the upload limit (which is documented as you point out).
However i can’t find a clear answer about the price of “total minutes viewed”.

The pricing is in the Cloudflare site here.

Stream for Free, Pro and Business Plans

$1 per 1,000 minutes viewed

$5 per 1,000 minutes of video storage capacity

Stream for Enterprise

Custom pricing for any scale


Thank you again. Apparently i wasn’t able to scroll down the whole page before you told me to.
Maybe that’s an insight for the design of the page ? maybe not. Anyway i got it !