Stream Thumbnail Image Poor Quality

You can see my example at the bottom of this page -
Same thing, but smaller div on the product pages

The image quality of the thumbnail is really bad, although the video is 1080p.

I have a similar but different video in a different color here -

It doesn’t look as bad, but the HTML code is the same so I assume it’s just dumb luck.

Any tips to make it look better?

Yeah, that’s not that great. Is this thumbnail a separately uploaded image?

(I could have sworn there was a way to do this, as I used to use a PNG)

@MVP friends, was I imagining this?

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I see the video is serverd in a much better quality.

By this meaning, I would just add the height parameter into the poster attribute to get larger one with better quality :wink:

That way I got 1280x720.

Or if it’s 1080p, you can go with &height=1080 to get FULL HD - on the fly.

See below - 1280x720px:


Original 640x360px:

Helpful reference:


Thank you for the help

Did you fix it? Looks great here

Yes, fixed it

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