Stream service - subtitles and custom image?



Using the Stream service is there any way to add subtitles in WebVTT format to the videos?

Also, is there a way to set a placeholder image or the time in the video as the first frame before the video is played?


Currently you can’t separately upload subtitles.

As for the image, you can add the poster attribute to the stream tag with an URL to the image you want to use.

See the Player API docs:


Thanks martin2.

Do you have a link to any documentation so I can see what else other than poster attribute there is.

Is there a way to include subtitles separately, outside of the Stream system to the video?


+1 to support external subtitles


I am ok using the generate image in the embed code, but it is creating a PNG that is HUGE and not even compressed. I ran it through tinypng and without even resizing it saved 71% off the generated image.

So I am thinking for a company all about speed to have such a slow image, I must be doing something wrong. Or is it basically required to upload my own optimized poster for each video?