Stream really needs a tutorial for signing URLs for newbs

I’ve read all the documentation on securing Stream URLs and tokens and feel completely lost.

Can someone give us an A-Z step-by-step process of setting this up?


There’s no basic tutorial on this. There are the API commands, but everything requires coding at your end by someone proficient in PHP, or whatever other language they prefer. And includes database calls at your end as well.

The documentation for developers is here:

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Second this, I literally have no idea what to be doing. And nah, you don’t really need to be proficient at PHP, when are you going to learn if you don’t try lol. Digitalocean has been providing tutorials for people who have no clue about anything related to PHP or Terminal functions and they do it good. Saying it’s probably too complicated for someone is not really the answer you should be giving.

I definitely agree on this one. It’s too complicated and confusing right now.

Any java code to sign url in backend.

This might help - Cloudflare Streams - Signed URL php example · GitHub

Stream now provides a simpler way to generate signed URLs via one API request:


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