Stream player on iPhone

I am looking for a way to implement Stream Player as background video. Currently I see iPhone’s native player take over from Cloudflare’s, showing the controls that I do not want. I need a way to implement this without controls. I see Wistia have this with their player, also jarallax plugin for Vimeo/Youtube.

Any recommendations? Any player or developer who has already done this?

All thoughts would be super welcome!!! Thank you.


I am struggling with this too, How can we override the native apple iOS player for Cloudlfare Stream videos?

You can remove the controls by removing the “controls” attribute in the embed code.

<stream src="5d5bc37ffcf54c9b82e996823bffbb81" controls></stream>

removed and added mute, loop & autoplay.

<stream src="5d5bc37ffcf54c9b82e996823bffbb81" mute autoplay loop></stream>

Now the video is ready to be used as a background video.