Stream Player not playing live stream?

I’m testing Cloudflare stream, but the stream player doesn’t seem to get any feed?

The iframe shows the image, and play button, the play button sometimes turns to a pause button but nothing plays, just a static image of the current time the live stream is up to.

The video shows 38minutes of viewing time… but none of the browsers I’ve tested with seem to get the stream.

Am I missing something? Was looking to replace azure media services with cloudflare, but so far the player isn’t working.

Just to clarify… the cloudflare dashboard just spins as well? so nothing is coming through on the dashboard either… so maybe this is the same issue.

Hey, can you share the video id or the input id so I can investigate? You can also share it privately by email at zaid at cloudflare.

Hi Zaid… email sent. I’ve stopped the live stream and playback seems the same

Hi Zaid any update on this at all?