Stream player issues


I am using the stream tag to embed Cloudflare stream player in my php site
(unable to show the actual code here…)
where $plvideo is the video id encoded using the provided API’s. I have 2 problems :

  1. The video is not visible in Chrome or Edge on Android 10
  2. The quality settings option is not visible in Edge on Windows 10 on some laptops but visible in Chrome. On some others it not visible in Edge, Firefox or Chrome.
    Do I need to change anything ? or add?



Can anyone help me? Anyone else got these issues ? I tried to post my code here - but it cannot be posted. Maybe there are restrictions on code.


Hi, can you privately share a link to your webpage with the video? I’ll be happy to take a look.

@zaid the second issue here sounds similar to the problem myself and others are experiencing, where the Stream player is substituted for the browser’s native HTML5 player, for unknown reasons. It was mentioned as a known issue in this thread - has there been any updates?

EDIT: Also the same issue as @dag1 was having here - in their screenshot, you can see the Firefox native player, with it’s popout picture-in-picture button. Right on the Cloudflare Stream demo page.

@zaid you can check at

The video is visible on a laptop/desktop but on mobile it just shows blank.


@zaid: We are getting reports from our users that this is still a problem. People cannot see the quality-selector button in the player. This, combined with the fact that the AUTO quality (adaptive streaming feature) doesn’t seem to automatically upgrade, even though the viewers internet connection clearly can handle it, makes me receive a lot of complaints about video quality.


I’ve also pinged @renan regarding this in another issue: Different video player + controls on iphone iOS than website Chrome Desktop