Stream player customization


I need to customize the controls of the Stream player. Unfortunately the page supposed to document how to do this is non-existent or a wrong link (

Could you provide either the correct link or proper documentation?


I do see these:


Thank you for the links. I had seen them.

The first one explains inter alia how to call the player controls and says that they can be customized. The problem is that it provides a link for more info on how to customize and that link leads nowhere (that’s the link I provided in my question).

The 2d one explains how to code a new player UI from scratch, which is not what I want to do if I may avoid it. I just want basically to choose which controls to call and which to hide, something which should be extremely easy if cloudlflare has indeed built customizable controls as they claim (but do not document).

Thanks anywway - any clue still welcome :slight_smile:

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I believe the API link is the extent to which you can customize Cloudflare’s player. API is what works behind the scenes, so whatever the API parameters are, that’s all that’s available.

Anything else, you’ll have to code from scratch using their example.

That’s my understanding, anyhow.

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Thanks sdayman,

You are probably right. I may have read too much in their sentence “You may choose to build buttons and controls that work with the player.” - may indeed mean to build from scratch, not just choose which buttons we want to hide or show.

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@sdayman, @Cyril hello!

Omitting the API argument ‘Controls’ has no effect on iPhone (ios Safari). It shows it’s native controls nonetheless. My video is intended as background i.e. no controls.

Would you know how to customise the UI by hiding controls on iPhone (ios Safari)?

The below discussions suggests some CSS tricks but I have been unable to integrate them successfully to the Cloudflare player.

Thank you!!