Stream not playing videos- at all!

I have been using stream to autoplay videos embedded on my website, with mute on- naturally. The videos are not working. The videos are not even playing in the Cloudflare dashboard. I have been using this service for years now. Whats going on!?

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We’re having the same problem. CF support?

Can you DM a few example links that show this behavior?

The problem seems to be corrected overnight

I’m having this issue now.

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Each of these videos were uploaded 9 months ago and have been working as expected until now.

Each of the 3 videos seem to play fine for me. Can you describe the behavior you see along with the browser/OS you are testing from?

Interesting. Yeah, it seems to be working sometimes now. It’s very strange. In the Cloudflare dashboard it mostly doesn’t play. If I refresh a few times, sometimes, it will start working. I get the same thing with the embed code on the website.

It looks like it could be a Safari issue. I don’t seem to experience this on Chrome.

This issue has returned. We are having 100s of videos showing as Video not found since yesterday.

Hello @user13660, have you already submitted a ticket for this? Can you post some sample video UIDs for us to investigate further?

I did. It took 4 days to roll back a bad release that had returned this bug.

This issue has returned. We contacted support 3 hours ago. Still waiting for an answer.

We are seeing this problem as well.

Random videos just won’t play with the console showing a request to init.mp4 failing with 404 not found.


We fixed it by using another video player.

We moved to and all videos are working without a problem.