Stream not access from specific ISP


If anyone else is experiencing this issue, please reach out to me at zaid at with your video id and any other info you can provide (such as the IP of the user unable to view the video)

We are using stream and customers in Spain and uk can’t play the videos.

IP Address:

We tested this with 20 people last week and all could replicate the issue when they are using the Telefonica network. All other networks are working fine. Can also replicate the issue in Spain using Movistar which is part of the Telefonica group and also in the UK using the brand “02” part of the Telefonica group.

Hello Zaid, is blocked in Spain with ISP ( Telefónica España) is blocked too. It says “Secure Connection Failed”

Any update on workarounds for this issue as it appears both Cloudflare domains are blocked by Telefonica group


It seems like direct creator uploads (POST stream/direct_upload) still return a url.

Please either: make work (so I can replace the domain myself) or just return the alternative URL by default.

Having problems in turkey.