Stream Live - Audio Only Option Available?

Just seen the announcement about Stream Live.

Sounds really promising but is it just Video?

Or are there any plans to make an Audio solution? As in MP3 streaming in the vein of Icecast / Shoutcast etc…?

Only been asking for it for at least 5 years :rofl:

@whistles tomorrow you may get

I’ll keep my fingers crossed

I doubt that you will get Icecast or Shoutcast. While they look a bit like HTTP, they are not. HLS audio only is more likely.

@whistles I wouldn’t say Icecast/Shoutcast is improbable. Are you thinking Icecast protocol to ingest media into Cloudflare and/or Cloudflare distributing using Icecast protocol?

@michael’s point on HLS audio output makes more sense to me for distribution but curious what you’re thinking.

I know that Icecast/Shoutcast will work through Cloudflare (I’ve tried it myself in a brief test, and I know a few people are ripping my Icecast/Shoutcast streams through Cloudflare, so it does work!). It is not cacheable via a standard HTTP server, so the scalability via Cloudflare is questionable at best. HLS on the other hand would be relatively easy for Cloudflare.

If you really want to make friends and influence people, you could support audio only workflows, and provide a sample Worker for manifest manipulation, so that people can do DAI using a worker. Unlike in the video world, things that can play HLS audio do not offer the same kind of application platform, so doing client side ads is nasty.

@renan am thinking both would be ideal.

But would be delighted if you could put an Icecast or Shoutcast type server “behind” CF, like we do with other websites.

It is certainly possible at the moment but is against the ToS at present, I’m guessing because it uses a lot of Bandwidth?

I don’t think it would be beyond the realms of possibilities for CF to work out a way to mitigate the excess bandwidth issue. It’s just not happened yet.

@michael I currently have a Worker that is a Shoutcast/Icecast player

Works amazingly well.

If I could put the stream itself behind CF (100% possible, just against the ToS) then it would be possible to (finally) have a truly DDoS protected audio stream.