Stream issue, play button become invisible



Stream’s play button is white, and the background of the video is white too, so the button become invisible…
How can we publish the video? have you consider all the cases?


I’d like to see how it’s not working. What’s the URL?



Wow, that’s really hard to pick out, and would be worse if more of your background is white.

That must by why Youtube has the red button with a white arrow inside.


Any solution in sight?


Thanks to your interest in Stream, I’ve replaced a Youtube video on one of my sites.

There’s a “poster” attribute you can put in the <stream> section that will replace the thumbnail for the video. That would be a great place to put a polished title image for the video that can contrast the white play button.


Do you have an example to include in the code?


Here’s mine:


It is a nice solution for the first frame, but what happen in the middle of the video?
I know currently is on beta.


Looking at YouTube, it puts the Play/Pause icon into a grey circle. That seems to be a good compromise.

What’s interesting is it’s not even really a button. Clicking anywhere in the frame starts/stops the video. Plus, the footer also has play/pause and the progress bar. It’s really just for decoration. Though I agree it should be more visible against different types of backgrounds.