Stream is gone!

This is unbelievable !!!
Because of an issue with my Skrill card Cloudflare removed my 20000 minutes stream!!!

We worked with a team of 8 people to create a business for hundreds of people.

My stream is GONE!

no warning of removal a stream only interrupt service … I was 24 hours a day for the past 5 days busy with solving my credit card issue

If I now log in to Cloudflare my complete stream is gone. That means 2.5 years of work ia gone.

I will kill myself if Cloudflare is not able to repair this!

I’m sorry to hear this happened. Have you opened a ticket? If not, please create a ticket in the dashboard and select “billing/account issue”. Then share the ticket number here so we can escalate it.

Ticket number 2771483

If this is not solved I see no future anymore


I find this way of handling unbelievable
I see no stream in my account

I have a stream from of 2020

Stream is gone!!!

I paid al
My invoices

We had 20.000 minutes is our stream and sell online ballet classes
All files are marked through a player with an stream ID

This cannot be true!!!

Paul Valk, 06-45075881

Hi Albert,

Are you working at Cloudflare ?

Paul Valk, 06-45075881

Hi Paul,

No, I am a volunteer here in the Cloudflare Community. However, I have escalated your ticket so that a Cloudflare employee will take a look.

In the meantime, could you please check the date of your last successful payment (you can check this in the billing section of your Cloudflare dashboard)? There’s a grace period of 30 days where you can simply re-subscribe to Stream and all your videos will still be there.


My videos are not lost!!!

Thank god!!!

I just Needed to add minutes to a stream!!!

What a terrible way of communication from Cloudflare !!!

Really terrible!!!’

Paul Valk, 06-45075881

I am so glad to hear that your videos are still there! :slightly_smiling_face:

But please, let this be an important lesson in keeping proper backups of your data (see 3-2-1 backup strategy). If something is this critical to your business, NEVER rely on a single provider to keep your data safe.

There are countless of ways that you can loose access to videos stored on Cloudflare Stream:

  1. Bad code or a billing issue causes your Cloudflare Stream videos to be deleted
  2. Someone gains unauthorized access to your Cloudflare account and deletes all your videos
  3. Cloudflare itself suffers data loss due to a hardware failure or human error
  4. ???

If you keep proper (and tested!) backups of your data, you ensure that your business can continue in case you loose total access to your Cloudflare Stream videos.