Stream hitching at 1080p

Hi All,

I use the Stream API to power an app that I’m building. The stream itself is consumed using the VideoJS player. One thing I’ve noticed is that I tend to get a lot of buffering issues with the 1080p stream and I’d like to understand the root cause of this.

You can see an example video on my app here: Another test | Powered by Vodon

I’m based in Melbourne, Australia and I’m on a 50 megabit optical connection. A test with shows that my connection is pretty stable at that 50 megabit rate, often exceeding it by 1 or 2 megabits but never below it (even at peak times). I have no problems with YouTube videos hitching, nor is anybody else on my network contesting the amount of traffic. I’m connected via wifi at 5ghz with the router in the same room as me.

Basically, I’ve narrowed down everything I think it could be from my end and yet I’m still seeing issues with the video buffering. Do others see the same when viewing that video?? Is this a known issue? I know I’m Australian, but must I be punished with low quality video streams as well :rofl:

The video isn’t loading for me in Firefox, Brave, or Safari. My console log says something about unauthenticated.

Apologies, I was demonstrating the ability to make videos public and private with this video. It’s working now.

I’m on a gigabit connection and the video loads far faster than I can play it. Aside from the few breakpoints you have in the video, it plays smoothly.