Stream Freezing using embed player

I have an ongoing issue where the live feed from Cloudflare constantly freezes on our website. I have tried a third-party player which had better results but still freezes randomly. The feed up to Cloudflare is good and when the feed from Cloudflare is sent to FB, it has no freezing. This reduces the issue to the player. I have streamed the same feed from Vmix to both Cloudflare and Wowza and had both embedded onto the website. The Wowza feed plays perfectly using their equivalent iframe player.
Does anyone have any ideas on a fix or if you are having the same issues?

Hi, I am facing the same issues with my website, were you able to find a solution?

Hi Sheila,

The fix I found was the keyframe number. When the keyframe number increased the stream became stable. I stream at 30fps and use 2 keyframes. This gives me GOP: 60 Frames / 2.002 Seconds which can be seen on the Cloudflare screen.

I hope it works for you also :slightly_smiling_face: