Stream fees

Hi, layman’s question :slight_smile: . I have a $5 stream subscription. $1 for 1,000 minutes of viewing. Question: If my five dollars runs out during a live stream, will Cloudflare stop the stream? Or will it just continue charging 1USD x minutes?
Thanks in advance for your clarification!

Hi Mark,

Stream billing is based on usage and storage. Here is a breakdown on how the charges work:

  • $1 per 1000 minutes delivered to viewers
  • $5 per 1000 minutes stored, pre-paid

E.g. If 1000 users watch a one minute live event in its entirety, you will be billed for 1000 delivered mins.

These charges will be reflected in the monthly subscription invoice. Please note that charges will round up to the next 1000 minutes.

Keep in mind that minutes delivered above refers to time spent delivering video from Cloudflare to your visitor. This means that if a viewer visits your site, loads a video, and does not watch it, we will still bill for its delivery. We will not bill for time spent watching a video which has been cached by the browser. For example, if your viewer decides to watch a video on repeat, we will not charge for the subsequent views.

For more information on Stream Billing, see our Knowledge Base article: Understanding Cloudflare Stream Billing

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