STREAM Direct User Uploads - Not TUS enabled?

Just curious is the endpoint:{account_id}/media/direct_upload

Not TUS enabled ?

works fine as I use the fetch example,

but when i try to use TUS i get errors.


Where did you get this endpoint from? seems to refer to “/stream/direct_upload”, not “/media/direct_upload”.

Also, as far as I understand that endpoint does not take a file but only returns a URL where you can then directly upload the video.

TUS, on the other hand, appears to go to “/media” only

My fault I made a copy and past mistake
should have been the URL:{UNIQUENUMBER}

Just trying to send a file directly from browser to Stream,
after i received unique one-time upload URL (I do get the unique url & uid)

But when I sent the file using TUS, then i get an error.
Not when i use the fetch method as you can find on the documentation:

So i am wondering if{UNIQUENUMBER} is not TUS enabled…

When i try uploading with tus i get error: 400 Decoding Error. So, is it TUS enabled?

Are there any updates on this? We have the same issue, TUS uploads to a signed direct user upload endpoint always return 400 Decoding Error while CURL uploads work fine.

they’ve said it only works with basic http post upload but it’s not. i didn’t try with curl, only with tus and pure html form and didn’t work.

Direct uploads only work with basic uploads (or as @JDuncan-V said, cURL uploads):

curl -X POST \
-F [email protected]/Users/mickie/Downloads/example_video.mp4 \

This means that only video sizes up to 200MB can be uploaded using direct uploads.

We’re working on getting support for TUS support for direct uploads for users who’d like to support larger file uploads through their own website.

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Hey @renan, is there any rough timeline for when the large (>200mb) direct uploads feature will be available ? cheers

Hey @armouti! We’ve got early API for this but have a little bit more work to do. Would you be interested in trying it out? You must be willing to be okay with changing APIs with about a few weeks notice & use it regularly.

Please email me at [email protected] if you’re on this thread and interested in trying out an early version of Direct Upload with TUS. This upload method can be performed over a browser without authentication after an initial request from your server with authentication. For example, this could be a solution for you if you would like others to upload directly to Stream using TUS on your website.


Thanks for getting back @renan. I’m definitely interested trying it out. I’ve just gone ahead and sent you an email.

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Hi @renan, would it be possible to get this access? If not, when can we expect it to be publicly available?

Hey @renan, I would be very interested in using TUS for direct user uploads. I am not using Stream at the moment but I will probably be developing and testing with it in 1-3 weeks. Would you also be able to provide this access for me?

@jamietrip Yes! Send me an email [email protected] and I’ll get you set up.

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Hey @renan, I am sorry to say but I won’t be using Stream for now. If I do want to start using Stream can I reach out here again if you haven’t realised TUS User Uploads yet?

Hi @renan is this been solved? If not can you please be able to provide access to the early API?

Hey folks! Many of you have emailed me about this. We’re finally ready with a solution for users to upload videos via the browser without the use of your Cloudflare credentials.

@zaid updated this page on how to perform TUS uploads without your auth keys:

Here’s the key points:

  • Start your TUS upload with a POST to$ACCOUNT/stream?direct_user=true (this should be done with your credentials on the server side)
  • After TUS uploads are, they now appear in “pendingUpload” state in the dashboard/API.
  • Use the location header from the POST request to perform a TUS upload without the use of any credentials in the browser. (Link to TUS protocol on how the location header is used)
  • Use the stream-media-id header from the POST request to get the video ID to poll for updates or listen for webhooks.

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