Stream Creator ID isn't updated when passed in Upload-Metadata header

This answer (thread is now locked so I couldn’t reply there) suggests that you can pass the creator value in the Upload-Metadata header, along with all the other metadata values.

However, this doesn’t seem to work; I’m doing exactly as the post says and the Creator field is always blank after the upload completes.

All the other metadata is populating correctly, so I’m fairly sure I’m encoding it in the right way (the encoding is actually being done by the official tus JS client), and on inspecting the request the data is definitely there in the header value—it just doesn’t work.

If I send the same value in a separate Upload-Creator header (and actually, this is what the docs tell you to do), it does work correctly:


So is this a bug, or is the answer just not correct? Which is the right way to do this, please?

In my implementation, Upload-Metadata doesn’t have a creator value, and the Upload-Creator header contains the raw creator value. For example:

Upload-Metadata: creator QUxFWAo=
``` would become ```
Upload-Creator: ALEX

Note that QUxFWAo= is Base64 for ALEX.

You’re right- The answer you linked to was incorrect in suggesting the creator field could be sent in the Upload-Metadata header, and we clarified that the creator must be sent in a separate Upload-Creator header in the docs here

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That’s great, much clearer. Thanks!

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