Stream Bug? Video's displaying in incorrect accounts

Hey All,

I have encountered what may be a bug with Stream.

My user is a Member of MANY Cloudflare accounts as I assist my clients to manage their DNS.
A few of those accounts are now also utilising Stream.

Whats weird is that Videos that I upload via different accounts are being displayed in the Stream files list of other accounts.

i.e I uploaded a video via my account and its visible in the list of files for my account.

In the image below, you can see shrine-with-flame.mp4 video being listed within, which is incorrect. This same file is also correctly listed within my domain which is in an entirely different account.

This looks to me like a bug, and a security/privacy issue as files are bleeding between shared accounts.

Hello Luke… no bug at all, Stream is a service that is activated on an account level.

So any video that you upload on stream will be available for any of your other websites you have on that account :slight_smile:

@dj_saxa That is the issue. The highlighted video is on an entirely different Account.

I have my own account, connected to my credit card, to which I uploaded the highlighted video.

The account in the screenshot is a clients account, attached to their own credit card, that I have been invited to as a Member.

Therefore, the highlighted video should NOT appear in this accounts video list.