Strato problem, website down!


I need help with my website, it desplays a “404 not found” problem after I connected the domain NS from Strato to CF.
It looks like everything is online from CF side and the nameservers are changed in Strato. I know there are topics on this already and that Strato is not very compatible with CF.
The biggest problem is that i can´t reverse it and put it back to Strato.
Does anyone know a solution to either solving it so that CF works with Strato or just reverse it so the website is live again?
This is my website:


Pls always mention some more things.

  1. i guess you’re 100% on Shared Hosting and NOT on VPS/Dedicated Server?

If this is the case this seems to be a Strato Problem which they are refusing to solve!
Means your only option is to change to a VPS

Anyway I would recommend you to use a VPS.

Okay so I wont be able to use CF if its shared hosting?

My option would then be to reverse it to Strato again, right?

I tried to do this yesterday, I reset all my options to normal and deleted the domain from CF.
Then i checked and it said that the NS was still from CF…
Is there a way to reset everything so that CF is disconnected fully from my domain?

Thank you for your answer!

Well CF works like a charm with Shared hosting!
Thats not what I said.
Just on Strato its not working…

So there are 3 options you have right now in this situation:

  1. change to VPS
  2. change to other Shared Hosting Providers (IONOS/1and1…)
  3. leave CF (would not recommed this!)

If you anyway wanna leave CF you just have to reset your NS to the original ones.
Pls keep in mind: to take effect this may take up to 48hours (mostly its much faster)

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