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Is well known for many users that Strato Germany host is not compatible with Cloudflare services. I am really wondering why. i was testing few times Strato and Cloudflare but i have same results. If someone from Cloudflare Staff wants to solve this issue and perform various tests i can offer them full control over testing domains. please let me know !
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If it is well known the reason should be known, right? :wink:

What exactly is the issue? Unless the host shuts down your hosting package if you move the nameservers and/or blocks the Cloudflare datacentres, there shouldnt be much of an incompatibility.

Hi Sandro,
Is well known that is not working:slightly_smiling_face: if i use strato nameservers everything works but when i try to change to Cloudflare, everything is down…

Not sure, hear that for the first time :slight_smile: Are you sure it is not a configuration issue of your domain?

Could you provide an example, where it is not working?

well , i was following exactly the steps when i added my domain to Cloudflare and my domain is not working anymore…i was reading that strato is using dynamic Ip address and that is not working with Cloudflare

Dynamic IP addresses? I cant really believe that to be honest, as no host can afford truly dynamic addresses. But yes, should they change addresses quite regularly it would be an issue with Cloudflare, as you’d have to update your Cloudflare settings too. Strictly speaking that would not be an incompatibility though.

Again, without a domain it is impossible to say anything else.

you can try by yourself if you wish … i can give you all details…just tell me what you need

Just post the domain.

That domain does not resolve at all.

because i added cloudflare nameservers…i try now to revert back to strato names

It does not point to Cloudflare nameservers. Its current nameservers point to some rzone domain.

Cloudflare does not even seem to know about your domain.

Complete your nameserver setup is not yet active on Cloudflare.

  1. Log in to your registrar account

Determine your registrar via WHOIS.

Remove these nameservers:

2. Replace with Cloudflare’s nameservers

Nameserver 1

Click to copy

Nameserver 2

Click to copy

Save your changes.

Registrars typically process nameserver updates within 24 hours. Once this process completes, Cloudflare confirms your site activation via email.

Cloudflare periodically checks whether you have pointed your nameservers to Cloudflare. To perform an immediate nameserver check, click Re-check now .

Re-check now

i followed those steps and still down

All right, you added your domain, however it hasnt verified yet. You’d first need to change your nameservers.

i know, i did ( checked twice exactly nameservers )…and not works… since yesterday

You did what? Change the nameservers? You’d should wait for Cloudflare to verify your domain, which hasnt happened yet. Also you certainly need to make sure all your DNS records are in place, which I doubt considering your domain does not even resolve right now.

Anyhow, to address your original question, the only thing Google returned was Shared Webhosting mit fester IP-Adresse möglich? | STRATO

I am not quite sure what they are saying, but should they really return different addresses each time (or regularly at least) you wont be able to use Cloudflare. Thats not an incompatibility, but simply an issue with your host. In this case you’ll have to decided whether you want to stay with your host or use Cloudflare. Both does not seem to be possible.

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they say this

Can I get a fixed IP address?

STRATO’s technical platform uses the same method of IP sharing and load sharing that Webhosting provides to millions of customers. Our customers benefit from the fact that requests are distributed to their web presence to our entire equipment park so that always the “fastest” calculator answers the request.

This architecture makes it impossible in shared web hosting to provide a single IP address to a customer.

If you would like to offer services under a fixed IP address, you can order a dedicated server . In many packages, you even have two free IP addresses available. Please inform yourself about the STRATO server on our homepage .

i choose Strato because is one of the top hosting company in Germany with many costumers and their speed is very good…but yea… i should reorganize myself in different direction

The only possible solution could be that you come up with a short script which checks every X minutes your host’s nameservers for the current IP address and immediately update it on Cloudflare’s side.

That could work, but would still not be very bulletproof and I’d rather advise against it.

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