Strato compatibility

Hi CloudFlare Community!

I own a website hosted on the German hosting provider Strato. Since my content is watched a lot in South East Asia I need better content delivery for that part of the world. That is why I have wanted to start using Cloudflare. I have seen some issues on this forum with Strato-compatibility, however, after contacting the Strato helpdesk they gave me this answer.

“Indeed, STRATO was previously not compatible with CloudFlare. It is my understanding that CloudFlare recently created a secondary way of connecting that does work with Strato.
I can’t say exactly how this works because this is a CloudFlare service. My advice is to check with CloudFlare about this.” (Translated from Dutch)

After searching this community I could not find what they refer to here. Did I miss something? Or do any of you know what is meant by this different way of connecting?
If I understand correctly the problem is the fact that STRATO changes the IP-address on irregular intervals. See previous thread here

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