Strato and Cloudflare

Does anybody know why its not possible to connect cloudlfare’s ns server names with strato’s ns settings?


What is that supposed to mean?

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In my case, my domain provider (STRATO) doesnt support Cloudflare that I am not able to add this domain here. Do you know any good registrars for that?

What do you mean by “not support”? You cant change your nameservers?

By strato I could change the nameservers in the admin panel but it isn’t possible to change them to Cloudflare nameservers they said. But my other domains from strato are connectable with Cloudflare, I have tested it.

Now i moved from strato to ovh and still having the same problem, i can change the nameservers but not to cloudlfare’s. I thik it will be a problem on Cloudflare’s site, do you know what could it be?

Once more I am not sure what you mean by that.

Sorry, but if you want anything remotely helpful you would need to provide more details. For example, how is it impossible to change the nameservers? You simply copy and paste what is listed at Cloudflare and you should be good.

Thats what we are doing all the the time. On ovh we get the following notices after we try to change ns servers:

Cancelling DNS update

Then I would contact OVH and enquire why that happens.

Which domain are we talking about?

Its about an domain (urbanstores . de) which was already added to another Cloudflare account. We have contacted OVH and they said the zone settings were pointing to different Cloudflare servers and the problem is most likely on Cloudflare’s site.

Which nameservers were you given? Cloudflare currently lists lars and tegan as authoritative for your domain.

we have got kara and roan as our authoritative for our domain

Seems to be a similar issue as Conflict of nameservers

Have you added your domain previously to another Cloudflare account?

yes the domain was added to another Cf account before but the owner of the domain doesn’t work with us anymore so we need to switch the domain to the new account.

That is most likely the issue, it still is associated with the old account. You’d need to change the nameservers for the domain to be associated with the new account. I’d contact the registrar to have the nameservers “forcibly” changed.


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