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I am getting some very strange behaviour from my website. Clicking on different pages brings up the wrong page, if I then refresh I get the correct page. My hoster has implied that it is a Cloudflare issue. URL is, click around a bit and you will see what I mean.

Many thanks



I am first taken to an index page:

But if I go to /index.php, I see the site fine and everything I click works (apart from home which takes me back to the index page).

If you pause Cloudflare, do you still get the issue? This will answer the question of whether it if CF related (which I doubt…).

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Hi - many thanks for the quick response. Yes I get that page as well sometimes. Did you try all pages on the website? Some work fine but others take you to a random page which corrects itself with a page refresh. With Cloudflare paused it seems to be OK, I tried every page and they worked correctly (aprt from an SSL error as I use Cloudflare for that).

Thanks, Ian


I clicked through everything on the top menu and they all seemed to work OK.

I see that the pages seem to work when accessed over HTTPS, but sometimes not without a refresh on HTTP. What is your SSL mode set to in the crypto tab of your Cloudflare dashboard?

If it is Flexible, can you try setting it to Full?

Really not too sure on this one, if that doesn’t work, maybe someone else will have a better idea!


I use flexible, but I still have Cloudflare disabled f tt om the test I did a few minutes ago. I will re-enable it.

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OK, can you re-enable it and try switching to Full?


Done that and the strange behaviour has returned. With Cloudflare off it worked OK (apart from the SSL errors).

i did have a test domain setup also through Cloudflare. I deleted the domain a few days ago which is when the problems started, I am wondering if I meight be better deleting my site and re-adding it, allowing it to re-discover DNS settings etc.




That is really weird, now I want it to break so I can take another look and it is all working fine for me now.

The homepage works fine and all the other pages I click seem to be correct.

I doubt it is an issue with DNS and deleting and re-adding the domain may not help (it might though)…


Can you explain what exactly you mean by that?

On a different subject though, you appear to have a full site backup in that ZIP file in your root directory. I’d strongly advise to move that file (and other such files) somewhere else, outside of the web accessible part, as that can compromise your entire site, including passwords.


I got what looked like the robots.txt file, but on the URL of the page that I clicked on…

But now it is working perfectly for me…


Hi guys - thanks for the prompt responses.

I will remove the backup file. The behaviour is very random. Sometimes it works fine, other times I wil click (for example) the “Things to Do” page and end up on “Guest Reviews”. F5 fixes it then.



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Now I never got any pages pretending to be other pages!

Can’t get it to do anything strange now…


OK, after much clicking, I got it to do what you described. I was on the Gallery page, clicked ‘Things to do’ and the URL changed but it continued to show me the ‘Gallery’ page until a refresh…

Can’t see why Cloudflare would be causing that though.


It is very random. Just tried again, almost got to the end only to be taken to completely the wrong page - it is very frustrating. I have tried all sorts of things, disabling the caching in Wordpress (WP Rocket), incognito windows etc. The only time it seems to work 100% of the time is with CF switched off (but then I get the SSL errors as CF is doing that for me).


Just seems to be since I deleted the test domain. The main DNS entry in CF was not pointing to my website, I assume it was pointing to the test domain (which was identical). I have deleted the test domain and yesterday spotted the IP was wrong so corrected it.

hence thinking deleting and starting again might be an idea?


Not sure entirely what you mean by this.

I won’t do any harm, you could try it!

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