Strange timeout issue


Problem page:

This website is hosted with Canadian Web Hosting but the client (Kearney Funeral Services) was also using Cloudflare on this website. Everything was working perfectly fine until the client (Kearney) switched IT companies and the new IT company created a new Cloudflare account. They said that they migrated all of settings to the new account, but we’ve been having trouble with the admin page ( ever since they changed to a new Cloudflare account.

When you visit the admin page (, the page doesn’t load and it just hangs…and then eventually, it times out and gives you a 524 error.

I don’t know why this page is timing out. We have another website built in the exact same way that is also hosted with Canadian Web Hosting and this page is still working properly: Actually, I’ve built many websites in the same way on Canadian Web Hosting’s servers and all of them are working fine. The only difference is that the Kearney website is using Cloudflare.

Does anyone know how to check to see what exactly is causing the timeout on Is it a Cloudflare setting?

Another weird thing. If I try to access and get the 524 error message…and then I wait a few minutes and try again, the page loads completely fine. I’m so confused and don’t know what to do.

Any advice is much appreciated!