Strange thing is happening


So here is the thing. Since yesterday my main site is loading really slow, sometime throwing 520 errors but most of the time not.
I haven’t done any nginx changes for quite sometimes.
Strange thing is nobody seems to complain, I mean users. would I be the only one affected?.

I decided to change my network and use my 4g router and instantly everything works fine. But I want to enjoy my fiber home internet. It’s working great, btw I have only problems with my websites!!..

I checked the box settings, restarted, no weird settings there, it’s working fine for months anyway.

So… I have another website, on a different server. different cms, etc. I m facing the same issue with it…

When I pause Cloudflare it’s back to normal. fast loading, no errors. (i don’t see any errors in nginx logs btw).

So wtf is happening here, I don’t get it at all. I haven’t done so right now but I m confident if I pause CF on my main site, it will be working lighting fast as usual. What could cause such a behavior? Something related with the ISP orange (paris , FR) ?

As said earlier and now it’s quite late in France I disabled the proxy on domain and www, no more errors whatsoever.

I m waiting for some kind of support, explaining me why when I m on my home fiber connection with cf on, I can barely surf the site and when I m using my 4g (another ISP btw) everything is fine.


I seem to have the same problem with all my CF sites since last thursday this problem persists and is also visible in google search console → extreme server response times.

only thing that helped for me is to pause CF.

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Ok they fixed it, problem solved (apparently on scaleway’s side)

Just checked and activated CF again. Problem still persists for me :frowning: