Strange Seo Spam

Searching on for a security check on my 2 sites i found something strange that seems related to cloudflare. The sites are and and are on blogger by google. My sites are market as malicious. I can’t contact directly the cloudflare support cause i have a free plan but i must solve this. Attached the screenshots that explain the malicious file or seo spam, i really don’t know.



Indeed, this is strange, but how do you determine this is anyhow related to Cloudflare?
The test btw resulted it “clean” for me:

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I thought was related to cloud flare instead when i see cloud flare is Ddos protection I think.

Anyway I don’t know how to solve it, I use blogger and there are no plugins to use for this seo/spam.

The response of quittera in the screenshot attached {redacted}

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