Strange redirect

Hi guys, I’m really new here, so hi to all.
I’m experiencing a strange issue, I was testing free plan on two sites, they’re on two different servers.
I made the same steps fot both of them but:

  • this one is ok and keeps the url
  • this other one redirect to one random website on the same server

It happens only if I activate cloudflare. I really need some help.

I suspect is Flexible, and is doing a HTTP to HTTPS redirect on the origin, and is Full or Full Strict, with Always Use HTTPS enalbled in Cloudflare.

To resolve, enable Always Use HTTPS and SSL Mode Full on

Thanks for your answer, actually I set it as flexible after I saw that as full it didn’t work.
Now is full but nothing changed.

The redirect loop is gone, and I get redirected to an Italian bathroom products website. This is the same redirect I received from your origin earlier.

Are you still seeing an issue?

That’s actually the same issue.
When I go on I get redirected on and I’m not able to understand why.

For a few seconds bobispop was not reachable, not even pingable but now keeps to redirect to hellobidet.

I’ve noticed that if I ping I get a cloudflare ip, if I ping bobispop I get real server ip.

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