Strange redirect loop issue


I’ve got a strange redirect loop situation and can’t find any working solution.

I’ve set up two subdomains via CNAME entry to a tool called Heyflow. Both subdomains are set exactly the same way, one is working and one is reporting a redirect loop.

The domains are:

umfrage.smarterschreiben .de (which is the working one)
m.smarterschreiben .de (the non-working one)

I don’t have any page rule set up and I doubt it’s an issue of SSL (as both are connected to the same tool in the same way and one is working properly without any issues).

Do you guys have any ideas? Help is very much appreciated

Thank you!

How does it behave if that CNAME is set to :grey: DNS Only? (give the proxy change five minutes to take effect)

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Hey, thanks for your response. It IS already set to DNS only on both Subdomains. This was also part of the Documentation of Heyflow, so I already initially set it to DNS only.

The thing you’re pointing the CNAME at is, itself, proxied through Cloudflare, which means Someone Else’s Cloudflare Account is involved in the request. is redirecting to itself, and it’s not your Cloudflare setup that’s doing it.


okay that’s really interesting. And…well…so I have two more questions:

  1. how did you find out?

  2. how is this possible? I’m the owner of the domain and therefore also the subdomains. So you mean I misconfigured the subdomain somewhere (on another tool probably) ?

% host is an alias for
  1. How is what possible? Your hostname points to someone else’s service. Their service determines how requests to your site are handled. Heyflow needs to fix it.

I meant how it’s possible someone else’s Cloudflare account is controlling the DNS. But Now I know what you mean…seems Like Heyflow is also using Cloudflare Services and they are controlling it as I set the CNAME to their domain.

Okay, then…thank you for your help, now I understand it’s Heyflow who did some misconfigurations.

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