Strange problem with downloads on Mobile phones

Hello, i have Cloudflare free with ssl through Cloudflare but not a certificate as in a paid one but a free one. So all my dns are greyed and it use to work to download a pdf file i have figured that one out, but since a couple of days people having problems that they can’t download and it looks like Cloudflare makes after pressing the button to download the file is going in a quick loop and nothing gets downloaded. Also their is a message saying : “Please wait while your request is being verified…” and stays on that forever. I also made a pagerule for that specific downloads but yet that doesn’t seem to work on mobile phones. The rule i made is like this:

Opportunistic Encryption: Disable security and the link is [Opportunistic Encryption]
[Like a link like this]
I had hoped that was the solution and yet it won’t work, how can i bypass this problem on Cloudflare??

If you’re talking about iOS mobile devices, there is an ongoing issue affecting Turnstile (the Captcha replacement) that creates a loop on older iOS devices running certain browsers. Please :search: this community.

It’s not only on iOS, also on Android but i will have a look at it.

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