Strange Performance issue with Cloudflare and Wordpress


We are running the Business Plan of Cloudflare. All settings are activated except for the rocket loader.
HSTS has also been submitted.

WP Rocket is installed on Wordpress and fine-tuned. On server side Redis is installed and working well.

For the issue is when Cloudflare normal caching is activated :

If you look at the Waterfall some asset are taking up to 500 ms to load despite being very light.

I did another try by using full page cache and cache cookie bypass and then it gets worse.

Site load speed goes up to 16 sec whatever the data center i test it from (europe - usa - latin america).

When normal caching is activated we are also facing very strong discrepency between data center despite being hosted on AWS Edge Point.

It would be great if someone could point out what could be the issue.


This does not affect the Issue in any way.

This just is taking effect on the TTFB of the .html file.

Which assets/files are you talking about exactly? ‘some’ is not very precisely

Well bypassing the Cache cookie will not improove performance… you shouldnt do that


Also pls do not wonder about a “not perfect” Speed if you use Wordpress at all… everyone knows it does not perform very well, specially not at mobile devices.
Your Site does need 108 Requests to be loaded. A lot of Plugins are getting used but thats just how Wordpress works.
Wordpress is not aiming to be ‘optimized’ its aiming to be cheap. Also its not made for making Corporate Sites, but for Blogs.

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Thanks for your reply.

HSTS was enabled to avoid the TTFB in case of user input the non-SSL address.

When full page cache is active,the asset i am talking about are the one in red in the Waterfall : here. Every time full page cache is enabled site loading goes up to 13 sec from 4sec average with it disabled.

I tested it with pingdom and gtmetrix and every time the same result, full page cache almost triple the loading time of the site and show inconsistent results accross data center.

With cloudflare on, without full page cache some light CSS and JS takes up to 400 ms (you can see in the waterfall) here

I contacted Cloudflare support and they are not explaining why something that is supposed to make the site faster would make it slower. This guy : has opposite results of mine.

Any clue what could be the issue ?


Some files are in your html but actually does not exist.

Pls read carfully again:

With this I mean links. Paste the Links of the assets which you speak about here.

Also I have to mention: if there are just some of these, it will not improove your PageLoad by a lot!
You do have 108 Requests! optimizing 2-4 of them and gaining 200ms for each it will just give you 200ms in total as you load them parallel.

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