Strange mx recod with random number

My MX record is but strangely the mx resolve as in whatsmydns or in nslookup
And the mail take a long time to be delivered.

It means your MX record points to record that is proxied, so mail would not be delivered if this was left. Cloudflare automatically fixes this for you by returning a dummy record of the form which resolves to the unproxied IP address for that record.

This won’t be the cause of your slow mail delivery (assuming the IP address is correct), this is normal behaviour by Cloudflare for this condition.

There appears to be a Godaddy mail server on the end of the IP to which it resolves.

Subdomains for mail, pop, imap and smtp for your domain are proxied. If you are using those for mail delivery or mail clients you will need to set these to “DNS only”

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How can I resolve thos issues?

  1. The MX record is not an issue, it is normal behaviour (and will likely go away when you do #2 below).

  2. For any DNS records for mail, go to your dashboard…
    …and edit the entries for mail, pop, smtp and imap from “Proxied” to “DNS only”

  3. Slow mail delivery won’t be a Cloudflare issue. If it persists after correcting the DNS you will need to contact your mail host (Godaddy?).

Ok thank you very much, I made the sugested changes and will see wen it’s propagated

All looks good. The _dc-mx record has gone, replaced by mail now it is not proxied. All the mail subdomains are correctly set to “DNS only”.

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