Strange issues with WIFI Calling


I’m having a very weird situation with my VoWIFI. If I use google DNS (, My Wifi calling works for both networks (Jio & Airtel) However, when I Switch to Cloudflare DNS (, Jio Wifi Calling doesn’t work anymore, Airtel Wifi Calling works fine.

I read a few topics from 2018 which mentioned some issues with cloudflare and Wifi Calling so I thought it may be related.

any tips/advices on how to debug this?

Thanks in Advance

I’ve had problems with WiFi calling if I use a VPN. I just think it’s the phone system being picky about your network setup.

No VPN is being used here, everything magically starts working when I change DNS to Google in my router. As soon as I switch back to Cloudflare, One of the sim switches back to VoLTE and is never able to register again. I have a strong feeling this is something to do with cloudflare so I thought I’d report it.

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